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med-tourism business models
Medical hotels: We speak of a hotel that disposes all conceivable amenities such as a location in preferred landscape and luxury-like facilities. Nevertheless, the hotel disposes of a medical department offering state-of-the-art medical treatments that we call „medical prevention“. Medical prevention stands for treatments that combine the best from Western Medicine with alternative approaches in a mostly non-invasive manner.


  • location in preferred landscape
  • specialisation in preventive care
  • preferredly non-invasive approaches
  • balance of Western Medicine and alternative approaches
  • medical doctors and nurses available
  • offering holiday atmosphere and spa facilities
  • access not without booking a medical package
  • size of hotel restricted, so offering familiarity, intimacy, and discretion
  • holistic healing philosophy comprising food, building material, and healing resources
  • an atmosphere characterized by service orientation

The following picture is to demonstrate the key screws of medical hotels and how to adjust them:
med-tourism hotel features med-tourism hotel features

These economic key figures describe best the sales potential of medical hotels (European average):

med-tourism economic

Projects in progress med-tourism hotel features

med-tourism hotel features

med-tourism hotel features

med-tourism hotel features

Hotel (background) with a seperated medical spa


  • Steigenberger AG: Medical concept for a hotel in Switzerland (2017).
  • Feasbility for a pulmonory medical center and 5*hotel in Kyperounda, Cyprus (2016-18).
  • Hotel Saliterhof (Austria): Feasibility referring to a strategy change focusing on Traditional Chinese Medicine (2016).
  • Hotel Andreas & Melani (Cyprus): International co-ordinator of the project (2014-15).
  • Governors Beach (Cyprus). Business Plan for a medical hotel in Cyprus. 2014.
  • Lanserhof (Lans, Österreich): Development of a process management system. 2014.
  • Hotel Schwarz Alm (Zwettl, Austria): Extension concept for the spa. 2014.
  • IPP-Hotels: Strategy development for the hotel Althof in Retz (Austria) with respect to a new spa. 2013.
  • Vinzenz-Group, Clinic Marienkron (Austria): Member of the team for a strategy development for self-payers. 2013.
  • Lanserhof Lans: Implementation of a Quality management system. 2013.
  • Mr. Träger: Market analysis and busines plan for a spiritual hotel. 2012.
  • Hotel Schloss Leonstain (Pörtschach am Wörthersee/Austria): Development of a health-spa strategy for the hotel. 2012.


medicine & hotel

business plans, strategy papers, market research

quality & management

development and implementation of new quality management systems

region & health

local development and health, regional certification

business models

conceivable amenities, such as a location in preferred landscape and luxury-like facilities